SKYSOAR Canvas Ballet Dance Shoes Ballet Slippers Flats Dance Shoes Gymnastics Yoga Shoes for Kid’s and Adult’s

Product Description:
Durable split sole canvas &Soft leather & Cotton lining.
Breathable, soft, anti-slip and durable split sole canvas ballet shoes , Fit for every season.
Split sole ballet slippers with Leather Split Sole materials.
Kid’s Women’s flat ballet shoes with Upper material Canvas.
Not machine washable, non-exposure for this Split sole canvas ballet Flat slippers.
Emphasis: please choose one size larger than usual.

Size Chat
Kids UK8/EU25/17.5cm/6.89Inch
Kids UK8.5/EU26/18cm/7.08 Inch
Kids UK9 /EU27/18.5cm/7.28Inch
Kids UK10.5/EU28/19cm/7.48Inch
Kids UK11/EU29/19.5cm,7.67Inch
Kids UK11.5/EU30/20cm,7.87Inch
Kids UK13/EU31/20.5cm/8.07Inch
Kids UK13.5/EU32/21cm/8.26Inch
Adult UK3/EU33/21.5cm,8.46Inch
Adult UK3.5/EU34/22cm/8.66Inch
Adult UK4/EU35/22.5cm/8.85Inch
Adult UK4.5/EU36/23cm/9.05Inch
Adult UK5/EU37/23.5cm/9.25Inch
Adult UK5.5/EU38/24cm/9.48Inch
Adult UK6/EU39/24.5cm/9.64Inch
Adult UK7/EU40/25cm/9.84Inch
Adult UK7.5/EU41/25.5cm/10.03Inch
Adult UK8.5/EU42/26cm/10.23Inch
Adult UK9/EU43/26.5cmf/10.43Inch
Adult UK10/EU44/27cm/10.62Inch

Product Features

  • High-quality canvas upper + Leather sole
  • Elastic band more flexible, fit body mechanics, more income feet and flexible.
  • Cotton insoles to improve the comfort of the shoes, softness, avoid rigid insole foot injury, foot better care.
  • Attention: Please refer to the size picture on how to measure the length of feet. Be sure to take a moment to measure your kid’ feet to make sure the dance shoes fitness.
  • Package: Including 1 pair of dance shoes,Do not machine wash, Do not exposure.

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