S.lemon Classic Soft Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes For Children Girls Women Ladies Ballet Slippers Dance Shoes In Different Size (27 EU)

Soft pink canvas ballet shoes girls women kids adult children in different size. S.lenon is devoted into producing high-quality ballet shoes. Our products are designed accorded with human engineering, integrated the performance of comfortable, wearable, healthy and nice appearance. That brings perfect experience to dancer. Aestheticism design, top delicate craftsmanship in industry, handpicking optimal materials, ingenuity works, bringing you the warmest care.Traditionally ballet shoes are manufactured one size smaller than your street size. Example: For street shoe Size 3 – please order Ballet shoe size 4.For Kids: EU 25=16mm=6.3 inch=UK 8 EU 26=165mm=6.5 inch=UK 8.5 EU 27=170mm=6.69 inch=UK 9 EU 28=180m=7.09 inch=UK 10.5 EU 29=185mm=7.28 inch=UK 11 EU 30=190mm=7.48 inch=UK 11.5 EU 31=200mm=7.87 inch=UK 13 EU 32=205mm=8.07inch=UK13.5 For Adults: EU 32=205mm=8.07 inch=UK 0.5 EU 33=210mm=8.27 inch=UK 1 EU 34=220mm=8.66 inch=UK 2 EU 35=225mm=8.86 inch=UK 2.5 EU 36=230mm=9.06 inch=UK 3.5 EU 37=240mm=9.45 inch=UK 4 EU 38=245mm=9.65 inch=UK 5 EU 39=250mm=9.84 inch=UK 5.5 EU 40=260mm=10.24 inch=UK 6.5 EU 41=265mm=10.43inch=UK 7 EU42=270mm=10.62 inch=UK 8 EU43=275mm=10.82 inch=UK8.5 EU44=280mm=11.02 inch=UK9.5

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