Otterhound Temperament and Lifespan

December 17, 2016Posted by Paula Beltran

Character of Otterhound is notable for its originality. This breed is characterized by friendliness, openness, affection, poise and determination that borders on stubbornness. To achieve benevolence and obedience of the dogs is not difficult, but often, if it is interested in this - interest, as a rule, appears in the form of a certain delicacy. This feature should be used for training of Otterhound, no harm will be also a lot of patience and perseverance.

Otterhound gets along well with children, but due to some clumsiness of a young dog can cause accidental injury to the child. When the baby is communicating with the dog, do not leave them unattended. Otterhound easily finds a common language with other animals, including dogs, which is typical not for many breeds. This is Otterhound's habit to work together with other dogs. However, being a hunting breed Otterhound inclined to chase small animals, from which it is desirable to wean from the very beginning. The dogs live for 10-12 years.

How Much Does an Otterhound Cost and Price Range

The average price for Otterhound varies from $400 to $900. The show quality dogs will cost you more in comparison with the pet quality dogs. The price also depends on the breeder and the place where you buy the pet. Don't look for the cheaper price for this breed as if there is such, it may mean that the dog has some health problems or it doesn't have the documents proving its pedigree.

Otterhound Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Otterhound is a large dog with the height of 61 - 68.6 cm and weight from 34 to 52 kg. Body is slim, well-muscled; tough, thick and oily hair allows Otterhound to spend much time in the water.

The coat is 5-15 cm, with a silky undercoat. The combination of blue and white colors have always been the most preferred, but the range of colors of this breed is a lot of black and tan shades.

Otterhound Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The breed is very smart and learns fast. The only obstacle to the "path to enlightenment" can only be innate stubbornness of the breed. Its love for the owner and his family is expressed openly. Dog is very attached to the family and can "grieve" alone. This breed is a bit noisy and love barking but this drawback can be eliminated if the dog has been well behaved since childhood. Otterhounds are open and friendly to strangers, thus guarding instincts are expressed badly and they make inefficient watchmen.