Lee Cooper Workwear Baseball, Men’s Safety Shoes, Black, 12 UK

Lee Cooper SB Steel Safety Baseball Boots are a durable and lightweight ankle boots with an extra dimension of protection providing a steel toe which can withstand up to 200 joules of pressure. Their anatomically moulded footbed incorporates breathable and anti-bacterial properties. The Lee Cooper SB Steel Safety Baseball Boots have an anti-slip outsole and they are styled to resemble a low profile sports shoe. They incorporate a padded ankle collar for additional comfort. Features. PU Upper with textured toe cap. Modern low profile design. Steel toe protection. Breathable and anti-bacterial footbed. Anti-slip rubber sole. Padded ankle collar.

Product Features

  • Automotive Tool

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2 Responses to Lee Cooper Workwear Baseball, Men’s Safety Shoes, Black, 12 UK

  1. Nicholas Shacklock says:

    Appalling quality, not durable at all. Bought these for my girlfriend to wear at work as she’s on her feet a lot and has to move some heavy stuff around. The comfort is great, they fit perfectly and look fantastic because they just look like trainers.3 months later… oh dear. They’re ripped apart at the bit on top where it bends when you’re walking, the soles are completely worn down to flat so there’s no grip left on them at all. Just being used for general walking (not kicking stuff about, sport or anything…

  2. Doorman says:

    Love ’em! Great boots! I originally bought them for riding the motorbike in, however, since I need steelies for work, I’m wearing them there instead! I’ve got really wide feet, and even regular converse don’t fit, so I didn’t hold out much hope for these, how happy was I to find out that even my hairy toed troll feet would fit in them!Backs of them are pretty stiff as you’d expect, but as I rarely lace all the way to the top in this type of footwear, it leaves plenty of movement space.Like…