Lakeland Active Eden Aqua Shoes – BW6101 – Black – 43

Product Features

  • Helps to keep your feet safe from cuts and stings on the beach and in the sea
  • Elasticated ankle collar with adjustable toggle
  • Elasticated textile upper with breathable mesh inserts for snug fit and comfort
  • Non-slip synthetic sole, Easy slip on/off
  • Size range: 4K UK infant to 12 UK adult

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2 Responses to Lakeland Active Eden Aqua Shoes – BW6101 – Black – 43

  1. Russell Howson says:

    Very Comfortable Product: Lakeland Active Eden Unisex Aqua ShoesPackaging: Arrived one day delivery from Amazon Prime in it’s own cardboard boxThe Water socks / Aqua shoes are very comfortable and stylish great for those rocky and sandy beaches to protect your feet. They are also Perfect for by the pool so you don’t slip and to swim in the toggle ensures they don’t fall off they are soft and breathable and drain of water easily they come in Two colours Black and Red Wide range of sizes for Adults…

  2. L Dunn says:

    Perfect Solution for the beach and very comfortable So we spend quite a lot of time at the beach and my husband doesn’t like the feel of the sand or rocks on bare feet, but was beginning to get fed up of either having to put on walking boots at one extreme and at the other Crocs. Neither of these offered a real solution because the boots are a faff and have to be fiddled about with to get on and take up a lot of space and the Crocs are only good for short walks and paddling and don’t work well when children suddenly decide to climb on rocks…