HealthPanion 1 Pair Of UPS Height Adjustable Insole Heel Lift Shoe Insert For Men Up To 6 Cm

Get an added sense of height by appearing taller with these high quality shoe lifts. Air cushion with flexible cloth top reduces pressure on both knees and back. This innovative insole gives enhanced support, comfort, and flexibility. They offer tremendous comfort and conform to the shape of the foot. Being high quality, they are incredibly durable and tough enough to last a lifetime.

Product Features

  • Increase height up to 6 cm
  • Color: Black WL-032 For Men’s shoe sizes 40 to 46 – simply cut to appropriate size
  • Made of shock absorbing PU material and air insert Three layers
  • Reduces pressure on back and knees when walking or engaging in physical activity Fit for all types of shoes
  • Helps problems such as leg length discrepancy

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