Geox Umo Symbol, Men’s Low-Top Trainers, Black, 8 UK

Soft leather upper. Breathable and water-repellent membrane. Mesh/Full Grain Leather/Rubber.

Product Features

  • The rubber sole is perforated and contains a special microporous membrane, waterproof and breathable, that absorbs and expels sweat without letting water in
  • Feet keep cool and dry thanks to the breathable membrane and the perforated sole

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3 Responses to Geox Umo Symbol, Men’s Low-Top Trainers, Black, 8 UK

  1. PT says:

    Great price for a lovely brand I am a fan of Geox and especially of their breathable sole technology. It helps eliminate odours and keep your toes fresher for longer whilst stopping water getting in. However, their shop prices are a bit steep so I was very happy to see that Amazon stock these.If you have never worn Geox’s before then be aware that the leather is hard – that is, they will need time to wear in and so will feel uncomfortable for a while. My advice is to give them a chance to get comfy before you…

  2. Tea cup says:

    A trainer shoe hybrid- smart and comfortable with good foot support. Theses are a nice smart shoe that bridges the gap between shoe and trainer. You have the smart appearance of a shoe with the comfort and support of a trainer, these look good with trousers or jeans. The arch support is good, the heel fits well with no slipping and the laces allow you to fit the width of the shoe to your particular foot for optimal comfort. The leather is nice and smart with a subtle sheen to it, it is strong enough to hold its shape and looks but still soft…

  3. MyKeyReviews says:

    Very smart and comfortable I have to be honest, I’ve never actually heard of GEOX before which might be due to the fact that I tend to go to the cheaper shoe shops; I don’t normally like spending more than £20 on a pair of footwear because I go through them so quickly, but that may be because I do go for the cheaper brands.Before I explain about my experience with these, I did want to point out that the shoebox was quite badly dented on arrival, and it was quite apparent that it was because Amazon had put the…