Fold up ballet Pumps Folding Shoe Foldable Shoes SIZES 2.5- 11 UK Plus size up to 42 EU. LARGE shoe that Roll up (10-11 UK / 42.5- 43 EU, Black)

Exact innersoles measurement

Small-Length 23cm-7cm Wide

Medium-Length 24cm-7.5cm Wide

Large-Length 26cm-8cm Wide

ExLarge-Length 27cm-8.5cm Wide

2ExLarge-Length 28cm-9cm Wide

Say Good bye to walking home with bare feet and high heels in hand. Our take anywhere Fancy Foldable Flats will get you home in Fancy Style!!

Other brands have too much elastic that cause pinching and hurt your feet as much as High Heel shoes do. Not Fancy Foldable Flats they have a soft edge to stop that tight feeling on your feet.

What size do you need? Fancy Foldables come in 5 fancy sizes to cover all feet lengths. We have measured the Exact innersoles for you so you can get best fit.

Use a ruler to measure your foot length, Select the size that you match best. If unsure go up one size

Fancy Foldable Flats are your Emergency pumps flat shoes that fold up. You can wear Fancy Foldable Flats after dancing all night in high heels and your feet have had enough, great for on your way home. Traveling to work, instead of ugly running shoes and socks or an airplane, when your feet can swell. Driving can be destroying your heels. Put a pair of our Fancy Foldable Flats and save those heels from damage. At a wedding when dancing and your high heels start to hurt. You can keep a pair in the draw at the office, in your car glove-box or your handbag ready for anytime, anywhere comfort for sore feet. In 5 ‘match anything’ colors, Silver, Black, Cream, Gold and Pink.

Product Features

  • ✔To Get the best fit Measure your foot for size match in our Description. These are the exact innersole lengths 5 sizes available.
  • ✔ Don’t destroy your high heels when driving, the small enough to fit perfect into your glovebox of your car, just swap up your shoes for Fancy Foldable Flats.
  • ✔Light weight and Flexible. They fold into a small size – perfect for your handbag or glovebox. Fold up shoes have been made especially for women so they have a spare pair of shoes on hand at all times.
  • ✔ No more slipping on wet concrete or shiny floors. Non slip rubber sole for all weather use.

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