FIND Men’s Arland Driver Loafer Shoes, Beige (Stone), 12 UK

Product Features

  • Suede leather upper
  • Side and front lacing
  • Rubber sole and quarter grip
  • Durable inner lining

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3 Responses to FIND Men’s Arland Driver Loafer Shoes, Beige (Stone), 12 UK

  1. Tommy Dooley says:

    Great Driving loafers, but be wary of colour clash You know you are of a certain age when you are attracted to beige driving loafers but hey time and tide wait for no man. These are comfy; another word never used by fashionistas so you are in the area of where these sit in the panoply of fashion ‘must haves’.Anyway I was offered them and so gave em a whirl. Now they fit me ok but some have complained about being a bit narrow. They are not luxurious and for the price tag that is an issue. They also have a sole that you can feel a bit…

  2. S. Harris says:

    Very poor quality for the price. I coudln’t recommend these for anything like their RRP. They behave like budget shoes(and look like slippers!)Within a few days of wearing they had become very loose and lost all integrity meaning that what little support there had been is gone, and it’s an effort to keep them on my feet and your feet inside push over the edge of the soles like a really old worn out pair of shoes.It should have been obvious as even when I opened them I was suprised by the overall poor quality of…

  3. Anonymous says:

    These are described as loafers. You could easily say there are moccasin slippers. They have a very relaxed low-key look to them. They have grips on the soles which is good for shoes and slippers and they are labelled as suede uppers. They do smell like genuine suede. They are a dark navy midnight blue.The finish is fine. The stitching looks sound. There is a slight give to the sole although they are not cushioned. Fit-wise, the length is good but I will say they are narrow. If you…