FIND Men’s Andros Slip-on Loafer Shoes, Black (Black), 7 UK

Product Features

  • Dress shoe
  • Slip-on loafers
  • Square toe
  • Stitched quarter detailing
  • Padded inner sole

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2 Responses to FIND Men’s Andros Slip-on Loafer Shoes, Black (Black), 7 UK

  1. Tim 😊 says:

    Smart I haven’t worn smart slip-on shoes before, and am still getting used to the concept. The design and leather is certainly smart enough for wearing to the office, but I haven’t yet got over the fact that they are, essentially, slippers, which I associate with bed-time! But, if you wear them with long trousers and socks, nobody is going to notice the absence of laces. (It seems the current fashion, especially in America, is to wear loafers without socks, even with a suit, but personally I think…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The design is classic, simple and smart – Im not normally a fan of chiseltoe shoes as I have wide feet, so usually end up having to get larger ones to accomodate my toes, and end up looking like Im wearing clown shoes – but these are a lot better.I walk to work in trainers, so keep these in my locker at work – theyre good to have to pop on before going to a meeting or to wear around a professional environment; though I wouldnt want to walk long distances in them as theyre only really…