CloudRunnerz® PREMIUM Foot Thongs Nude Adult Ballet Dance Wear Lyrical Shoes (XS (UK shoe size 3-4))

CloudRunnerz Half Sole Foot Thongs provide protection without impeding performance.
Whether you use them for practice or performance, CloudRunnerz Half Sole Foot Thongs are ideal for all types of dance, from lyrical and modern to jazz and ballet. Their snug elastic fabric delivers a secure, reliable fit with no uncomfortable straps between toes. Double-stitching of the suede sole promotes superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning your feet. The “barely there” profile of CloudRunnerz Foot Thongs enhances articulation while still delivering the freedom of dancing barefoot. Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Let YOUR soles be free to dance in the comfort of CloudRunnerz Half Sole Foot Thongs Ballet Flats.

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