Over-the-Knee Boots Footwear of the Decade

With help from Beyonc, Kanye West and even Theresa May, the thigh-high boot is strutting its stuff in music, fashion and politics

Every era gets a shoe. The 60s had the Birkenstock, the 70s had the platform boot, the 80s had the stiletto, and the 90s the Doc Marten. Now we … Continue reading

This Dad Is Super Pumped After Receiving A New Pair Of Light-Up Shoes

You’re never too old to live out your childhood dreams.

Many people dream of lavish vacations, quitting their job or maybe paying off their mortgage. This man just wanted a pair of fresh light-up shoes.

Although the clip from is from the shoe company Evolved Footwear in an attempt to market their shoes with … Continue reading

Little Injured Bird Receives Tiny Snowshoes And Gets Back On Her Feet

What do you do when you find a tiny Northern Mockingbird with impaired feet? You take some cardboard and tape, add a bit of creativity and come up with an awesome solution to fix it!

Some good-hearted fellows at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) came to the rescue of a mockingbird with a foot condition … Continue reading

From Tailwind to VaporMax, the Evolution of Nikes AIR Line

First launched 37 years ago, the Nike Air series has included some of the brand’s most iconic sneakers. Kathy Gomez, lead designer of the Air program, has spent her career obsessing over the line’s technology and design. She describes some of the highlights and hiccups from the earliest model to the latest in Nike’s … Continue reading