Bratz “Hello My Name Is Cloe” Doll

Cloe is everybody’s sweetheart and the go-to Bratz for all things pop
culture. Dressed in denim top, layered pink skirt and her favourite
cowhide pattern peep toe shoes she loves glitter, soccer and her
besties. This 26cm (10.5″) Cloe comes with a range of accessories
including heart shaped sunnies, star power earrings, bracelet, an angel
wing backpack and the iconic Bratz hairbrush. Suitable for ages 5 +

• Hello My Name Is Cloe Bratz doll
• Dressed in denim top, pink skirt and cowhide pattern shoes
• 9 accessories including iconic Bratz hairbrush
• Hours of pretend play
• Perfect gift for any Bratz fan

Product Features

  • The introductory doll assortment, reintroducing the core Bratz girls!
  • Each iconic outfit showcases their individual personalities along with perfectly paired piece count
  • Each Bratz showcases her personal style
  • Includes lots of piece count representing the Bratz unique personality and likes.
  • Bratz Hello My Name IsTM

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