Blackrock SF02, Unisex-Adults’ Safety Shoes, Black, 3 UK

Blackrock Workwear products have been designed for the tradesman who wants garments that combine style, quality and functionality. The result is an accessibly priced range of quality products that help you get on with your job and you’ll feel good about wearing.

Product Features

  • Leather upper with padded collar, steel toe cap, protective steel midsole, double density pu shock absorbent sole
  • Fully moulded and removable insole, wide fitting, safety rating en20345 sb-p sra

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3 Responses to Blackrock SF02, Unisex-Adults’ Safety Shoes, Black, 3 UK

  1. Mr. L. Riley says:

    Excellent. Tough boots Excellent. Tough boots. Strong nail-proof souls with anti-slip, which are also resistant to heat and cold. Steel-toe capped. They’re not overly bulky either and the weight is fairly light. They go above the ankle in height as opposed to half way up the shin… they’re sort of a cross between boots and toe-capped shoes, which is nice since the thick sides can offer protection to the ankles without adding to weight or impeding movement.For the price, the quality is exceptional. In…

  2. Ali Adnan says:

    Tough, comfortable and good value These are some of the best work boots I’ve had in the past 10 yrs. I work a fruit farm in Turkey, and at the base of mountains, our orchard is nothing but rocks underfoot (10-25cm lumps), so I need stable boots for my daily work. The steel mid sole is spot on, as most boot soles break very quickly with the abuse the rocks give them. Plus, working inm the trees for picking or pruning is hell on the feet (always getting stuck), but these boots are very tough indeed. Surprisingly comfortable too…

  3. Joel says:

    Great boots